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How do I join a mini-game?

You can click on the NPC; it will show you all available servers, the maps and how many players are within them. You can also click with the compass in your inventory; this will show you all the available games.

How do I create a party?

To create a party with another user, type /party <username> or use the "nametag" in your hotbar.

How do I talk in party chat?

Type @ to talk in your party chat.

How do I message all online Staff?

Type /a to message all online staff (within your server). Staff are mainly found in Lobbies 1-5.

What is the number before my name?

The number before your name is your level. As you play games, you gain experience, with bonuses if you do well! If you get enough exp, you level up, and the number in front of your name changes. Every 20 levels the color changes to help show off your expertise!

How do I get gems?

Gems are the main currency on Mineplex. To receive gems you just have to play games! The better you do, you more gems you earn! You also may receive gems by completing achievements in games, which will give you a large amount of gems as a reward. You can also visit Carl the Creeper daily to receive gems as well.

How do I get Treasure Shards?

Treasure shards are the secondary currency on Mineplex. You can get those when you receive a duplicated item from chests, game loots at the end of each game, 5 shards for every "Thank" you give or receive from Game Amplifiers, and visit Carl the Creeper daily to receive even more treasure shards with other bonuses!

How do I open Treasure Chests?

Right-click one of the four chests (located outside the spawn platform) while in /hub. This will open up a GUI, with Treasure Chests in it. If you have received any of these chests from game loot, or by buying them, you can click on them. This will spawn 8 chests around you. You are able to open four of the chests (for most of the Treasure Chests) and will receive loot from them. You can purchase Treasure Chests in-game with Treasure Shards or through the Mineplex Shop.

How do I get Treasure Chests?

You can get them from end of game loot, or buy them in-game or through the Mineplex Shop.

Can you unban/unmute my friend?

No; your friend will need to appeal through the forums. They can appeal here. Remember - they can only appeal if the punishment length is over 30 days or they have evidence proving their innocence.

Who is Carl the Creeper?

Carl is our lovely creeper pal here at Mineplex who, when you speak to him, can give you rewards for voting, daily bonuses, or if you have a paid rank you can receive your monthly bonus!

How can I vote for Mineplex?

To vote for Mineplex, find Carl the Creeper in any main lobby on the Mineplex server. When you right click him you will see a few options.To vote, click the jukebox and you will be sent a link in chat. That link will send you to where you will vote for Mineplex and receive your reward! Fill out the verification by clicking what the website tells you to click, then enter your username in the slot and clicking the VOTE button.

What are MPS's and how do you use them?

MPS's are Mineplex Player Servers. They may be created by users with the rank Legend, Titan or Eternal. They give you access to playing games that are no longer in rotation on the live server as well as all the current games and can be opened to allow joining of other community members. They can be whitelisted for specific players by using the command /whitelist <username> which will prevent non-whitelisted players from joining the server.

MPS servers are still part of Mineplex and must still abide by the regular Rules, with the exception of the "Teaming", "Cross Teaming", "Bug Exploiting" and "Map Exploiting" but only if done in a private MPS for the sake of bug reporting, "Ghosting" and "Gameplay Trolling" rules as specified on our Game Rules Page.

To create an MPS server please purchase player rank Legend or above at our store.
If you are Legend or above you can create an mps by typing the command /mps in chat, after which you will be sent to your MPS server once it has been created.

How do you manage your MPS server?

You can manage your MPS server by selecting and clicking the melon in you item menu (Slot 9) or typing /menu when you are in your MPS.

A menu will then appear which allows you access to start and end the game, select the gamemode and the map, set a specific game rotation, give or remove Co-Host from other players (giving or removing access from this menu for those players), remove or un-remove a specific player from the MPS, set specific game options including whether the MPS should be listed as a public MPS in our public MPS list, change game voting settings and change whitelist settings.

How do you invite a player to a community?

You can invite a player into a community by doing /com invite <player> <community> You can also uninvite a player by doing /com uninvite <player> <community>.

How do you join a community?

You can join a community by doing /com join <community>.

How do you chat in a community chat?

You can chat in a community chat by doing /com chat <community>, and starting your messages with ! to talk in the selected community chat.

How do you create a community?

Communities are an Eternal+ feature. You can create one by doing /com create <name>.

How do you rename your community?

You can rename your community by doing /com rename <community> <name>.

What are MCS's and how do you use them?

MCS's are Mineplex community servers. They are created for the members of your community. Only members of the community can join that MCS. You must be Leader or co-leader of the community to start one. You can start one by doing /com mcs <community>.

How do you set a community description?

You can set your community description by doing /com description <community> <description>.

How do you disband a community?

You can disband your community by doing /com disband <community>.

How can I connect to the Mineplex Discord server?

You can find an invite to our discord server at here

Where can I find the Discord rules?

You can find the Discord rules in the Rules channel once you are connected to our Discord.

I was punished on Mineplex Discord. How do I appeal?

You can appeal for the punishment here

How do I apply to become a Trainee?

You can apply for Trainee here.

How do I apply to become a Builder?

You can apply for Builder here.

How do I apply to become a Developer?

Information regarding Developer applications can be found here.

Do I need to purchase a rank to apply for Trainee?

Nope! You do not need to have a premium rank to apply for Trainee. Head over here to apply.

What are the requirements for Trainee?

You can find the requirements for Trainee here.

What are the requirements for Builder?

You can find the requirements for Builder here.

What are Trainees and what do they do?

Trainee is our first level of staff and is considered our "Trial-Moderators". Trainees have to go through a two month trial period to show that they are capable of being an efficient staff member within the Mineplex community.
The main roles of a Trainee is to moderate the server chat and report any severity 2, 3 & 4 punishments to Moderators.
Trainees ensure the forums and server chat are kept at an appropriate level and answer any questions you may have.
The Trainee application can be found here.

What are Moderators and what do they do?

After two months, Trainees that pass their trial-period will be promoted to Moderator. Moderators are capable of punishing in higher severities. Our Moderators' main responsibilities are to moderate in-game, discord, and our forums.
You cannot apply for Moderator, you must be promoted from Trainee.

What are Sr.Moderators and what do they do?

Senior Moderators are moderators who have joined an official moderator team. The teams are Clans Management, Community Management, Event Squad, Forum Manager, Quality Assurance, Recruitment, Social Media and Staff Management.
The team descriptions are listed here.
You cannot apply for Sr.Moderator, you must be promoted from Moderator.

What are Support Agents and what do they do?

Support Agents are responsible for the handling of Customer Support Tickets and deal with any purchase-related issues for our customers.

Customer Support Agents are hired internally, from private invitations.

What are Developers and what do they do?

Developers work behind the scenes to create and maintain all of Mineplex's systems, games, and frontend features. Information on the skills required can be found here.

What are Admins and what do they do?

Administrator is the second highest level of staff on Mineplex, not including the server Owners, that manages different teams and sections of the network. They are:
Mannalou - Customer Support
chhase - Forums Team
Toki - Staff Management
DeanTM - Head of Staff
rosmeme - Quality Assurance
EmmaLie - Social Media / Community Management / Event Squad
Flaym - Clans Management
Islendingurinn - Recruitment
You cannot apply for Admin, you must be promoted from Sr.Moderator.

What are Leaders and what do they do?

Leader is the highest level of staff on Mineplex, not including the server Owners, that is responsible for various major internal sections of the network, relating to the moderation, development or management team and fully managing internal projects. They are:
AlexTheCoder - Development Manager
DeanTM - Head of Staff
You cannot apply for Leader. Leaders are hired internally, and may be invited from outside the Mineplex employee team.

Who is the Head of Staff and what does he do?

DeanTM is our Head of Staff. He overlooks the entire staff team working with the other Leadership Team members and the Admins to ensure our staff team is operating smoothly.

How can I create an account?

You can create an account here.

How do I link my Minecraft character?

You can read more about character linking here.

Where are the rules located?

The rules and guidelines can be found here.

What are warning points?

If a player has broken a forum rule, they will be issued a certain number of warning points depending on the rule that they've broken. Once the player has reached or exceeded 8 warning points, they will be automatically forum banned. You will be alerted when you received a warning via Private Message. It will outline exactly where and why you were given a warning, how many points were given and when the warning will expire. Warning point(s) generally expires in 1 month.

Where can I post a report?

If you wish to report a player from platforms other than the website, meaning that the offense took place on the server, Discord, or other platforms, you can use one of the Application Forms. Player Report is for general purpose while Clans Report is specifically designed for Clans related offenses. If you want to report rules that player broke on the website, you can simply click “Report" on the content that they posted. This is applicable to forums posts, wall posts, private messages, community postings, user profile, community/group. When you report website offenses, make sure you include as much details as possible. Misuse of this feature will result in punishments.

Where can I appeal a punishment?

You can appeal for a punishment here. Please make sure you read through this guide before filling out the appeal application. You can find your previous appeals here

How can I create a map submission?

You can submit your map here.

Where can I submit a server suggestion?

You can submit a suggestion under Idea Discussion once you have logged in. Note you must have your Minecraft character linked to your forums account before you can post.

Where do I submit a bug report?

You can submit a bug report here once you have logged in. Note you must have your Minecraft character linked to your forums account before you can post.

What is a Forum Manager (FM)?

A Forum Manager is a Sr.Moderator who is part of the Forum Management team. They keep the forums and the website a safe and friendly environment for all users through moderation, as well as handling Punishment Appeals. They are responsible for the monitoring and training of Forum Management Assistants.

What is a Forum Management Assistant (FMA)?

Forum Management Assistant (FMA) is a staff member (Moderator or Senior Moderator) who is assisting the Forum Management team with the moderation of the forums and the website, and may in some cases help out with certain types of Punishment Appeals. Their job includes warning players, giving bans, as well as locking, moving, and archiving threads. They are monitored by a Forum Manager.

How do I contact Customer Support?

You can contact Customer Support by submitting a ticket here.

Why would I contact Customer Support?

There are varying reasons to contact the Customer Support team. Some of these reasons include:
- Not receiving your in-game rank after purchase from the shop
- Not receiving your chests after purchase from the shop
- Missing your rank on the forums
- Other questions about the server in general

Why would I not contact Customer Support?

Some things that our Customer Support agents will be unable to assist you with include:
- Purchase issues from in-game. Submit a bug report
- Ban appeals (which can be submitted here)
- Bug reports
- Idea submissions or suggestions

How long will it take for my ticket to be answered?

Due to the varying needs of our players, ticket response times may fluctuate. If you have submitted a ticket, please do not submit another until your current ticket is closed, unless you have a different question.

What are groups/communities?

Groups/communities on our website are different from in-game communities. This feature offers many options for forming your own sub-community in the Mineplex community. There is support for Wall Posts, Events, Forums (with some moderation permissions), Promotion/Demotion of group members, and more. It is intended to provide you a place to recruit members for tournaments, Clans, and to discuss your own topics and host your own events.

What are the roles of members?

There are currently three roles: Member, Manager, Founder. The member role grants basic posting permission for the group. The manager role grants some moderation permissions on the group Wall. And, the founder role will grant all permissions.

Where can I access group/community?

You can access groups at https://mineplex.com/groups.

How can I create a new group/commuinity?

You can create a new group by clicking "Add New Group" on the top right corner. However, this feature is only available for Eternal players. You may purchase Eternal rank from Mineplex Shop.

How can I create a new group category?

This cannot be done by players. However, we are looking for more categories to add to accommodate player requests.

Are there rules for groups?

Some forum rules are applicable to all aspects of groups. Please refer to the Rules to see which ones are applicable. In addition, groups may create their own rules, which are visible on group pages.

How do I change settings of my group?

You can set the privacy, rules, ribbon, logo, and other settings by clicking on the gear below the group cover.

How do I promote and moderate group members?

You can promote members of your group by going to the Members tab and clicking "Promote" from the three dot player menu (next to each player). You can then choose to promote them to a Manager or the Founder. You can also remove members through the player menu.

How do I invite players to my group?

You can invite players to your group from the Members tab, with the Invite People button, or by sending your group link to your friends.

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