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New Profile Posts

  1. Copyy
    I wanted to clear this up and explain it to everyone. Today, I was demoted from the staff team. I'm extremely ashamed and disgraceful of myself to be one of the shortest lasting trainees.
    The reason for the demotion is because of my inappropriate and absolutely unacceptable messages I sent in a discord server with some friends a month ago. I respect the StM Team's decision, and it was one hundred percent my fault. I'm trying to become a better person in general, but I had failed that when I sent the messages a month ago. I'm sorry to disappoint everyone who believed in my especially my mentor and the recruitment team.

    List of people I would like to apologize to and thank to.

    @korniDE, I'm so sorry I didn't have to chance to meet your expectations, you were such a great mentor but I had such few time to work with you, I am just so sorry.
    @Luvli, thanks for helping me and generally just being such a great friend.
    @TooMuchXMas4You, thanks for supporting me and for being a great batchie. I'm sure you'll succeed in your trial, good luck!
  2. Animalll
    Animalll Alundor
  3. Reks Nz
    Reks Nz DeadOnMidnight
    Congrats on trainee! look forward to working with you
  4. Reks Nz
    Reks Nz Caameronn
    Good to have you on the Bedrock team with us! :D awesome stuff
    1. Caameronn
      Sep 24, 2019 at 6:04 AM
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      Thanks, Reks!
  5. Reks Nz
    Reks Nz Arjun
    Good to have you with us on the Bedrock team :)
  6. wattywatty14
    I have a marching band competition this Saturday. I won't be able to attend Karaoke. :( ​
  7. AyyNick
    AyyNick Klobby
    299 posts :0
    1. Klobby
      Sep 24, 2019 at 4:54 AM
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      Would you look at that :O
  8. RealWand
    Just got 100k shards! Aaaaaaaand spent them all on chests :)
  9. Toki
    Toki Mystic 0440
    Happy birthday and welcome back! :)
  10. KingAussie
    KingAussie FireStar
    Long time no see :)
  11. Klobby
    Klobby Copyy
    It's been such a short time..
  12. FlamingKnight08
    FlamingKnight08 Lifedeather
    Congratulations on Trainee!
  13. PieOrPi
    PieOrPi ItsFree
    Is it free though?
  14. WyckedVixen
    WyckedVixen DeadOnMidnight
  15. worldcom ✓
    worldcom ✓ TeaSpiller
    itchin and burnin, itchin and burnin
  16. SaucyStyle
    SaucyStyle Narwhal
    I am formally requesting you to seize what it is you are doing.
    1. Narwhal
      Sep 24, 2019 at 1:24 AM
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      is this copying
  17. PapiKirito
    ay fake 100 number 23 or something gg
    1. Thenorn
      Sep 24, 2019 at 5:01 AM
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      you win the internet
  18. PieOrPi
    PieOrPi xUmbreon
    Gen 1 batchie c:
  19. Jaekub
    oh sweet im at 5 mil xp