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    1. xd Lord lol
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      happy birthday sir
      1. •GB ANKIT 99•
        •GB ANKIT 99•
        Aug 3, 2022 at 6:13 AM
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        Oh Ty ty
    2. GoldSlayer
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      wait ur gb ankit? i did not realize that
    3. GoldSlayer
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      44 soon
    4. Cepheus
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      Hi there! You requested a banner from me, with the specifics of just to be like mine.
      So after a while of making it, here it is :)
      Hope you enjoy.

      happy winter / fall also​
      1. •GB ANKIT 99•
        •GB ANKIT 99•
        Nov 17, 2021
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        Thanks ❤❤❤❤
      2. Cepheus
        Nov 17, 2021
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        If you dont know how to set the picture as your banner, you can go into the forums, go down to the category that says "Mineplex guides" and you should see a thread made by me, it should say "How to set an image as your mineplex forums pfp / banner"

        if you click it, its a tutorial written out by me that will inform you on how to use banners and pfps. But if you dont want to do that you can ask one of the mods here, they're really nice people and they will answer your questions :)
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    I am a mineplex YouTuber

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