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    1. Acaulis
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      oh my god r e i n s t a t e
      1. _H2O
        Jun 24, 2020
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    2. _H2O
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      Thought I'd hop on and make a few forum posts since I've been missing the forums lately. If anyone cares for a life update, I completed my internship at Disney and moved back to Virginia. I am now engaged to my wonderful fiancé, though we haven't started planning a wedding. I now have three cats instead of one and have been working with a local rescue to foster kittens in need. I currently have four foster kittens that I am caring for. I've been out of work for the past three months due to COV-19 and I'm just waiting to hear when my job will be reopening. That's about all that has happened over the past few months. Cheers.
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      2. YoungSavage220
        Jun 23, 2020
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        That's great to hear that you're still doing well! Stay safe
      3. spikecreates
        Jun 24, 2020
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        So happy you're doing great! Congrats on your engagement! Sure do miss you
      4. _Prof_
        Jun 29, 2020
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        Nice to hear that you are doing awesome! Gl in your future endeavors!
    3. Brendan/aflo
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      Reinstate :eyes:
      1. _H2O
        Jun 20, 2020
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    4. Brendan/aflo
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      Best staff member Mineplex has ever had :(
    5. spikecreates
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      Happy Birthday! You helped me a ton during FM! <3​
    6. Antoine D'Coolette
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      Happy Birthday!
    7. Mathuu
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    8. ScarletBlood37
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      happy birthday to the fn that inspired me to join the forums team <3
    9. TheBlueComet
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      I am still very concerned where the pizza I ordered at least 3-4 years ago is! I am still waiting everyday hoping to reserve a knock on my door from the pizza man!
    10. 20LeeBrian1
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    11. _Prof_
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      Hope all is well with the battle against COVID-19, take care!
    12. FabianTuck
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      Oh wow... I just found out you resigned. );
    13. zoly
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    14. Looof
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      Oh this one hurts
    15. _Prof_
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      Cheers to a wonderful run you had on the staff team:)
    16. Korben
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      post sumfin uwu
    17. KingCalvin1
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      bye :(
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