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    1. Paiynz
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      You ever going to be coming back?
    2. Vocaloiid
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      Happy birthday!
      1. AddictivePenguin
        Dec 22, 2018
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        Ohhh thank you
    3. AddictivePenguin
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      -Resigned from Mineplex. What a rollercoster of an experience this was. Unfortunately it needs to come to an end. Long overdue to be honest, considering how inactive I was lately. Most of my friends moved on, I grew interest in new things and I have long lost motivation to keep going. The memories however stay, and it's the positive ones that count. It's not been all perfect and drama-free, not at all. But I have gained lots of valuable lessons from this and I am happy I applied back in 2015. I made some really close friendships, but I am also grateful to all the people I talked to and played with both in Clans and on the rest of the network. They helped shape this unforgettable experience. Special thanks to the Clans team for being great and fun people to work with, all of the Clanmates I've had the chance to play with and lastly, to the EU clans community for sticking around despite all the problems that infested the europian servers
      1. Krystal The Fox
        Krystal The Fox
        Nov 17, 2018
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        We will miss you man. youve done a great job for mineplex
    4. Archonix
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      1. AddictivePenguin
        Oct 26, 2018
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    5. Ayeconic
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      [​IMG] many confusion
      1. AddictivePenguin
        Sep 17, 2018
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        Rip confusion :'(
    6. wanderer
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      Too addictive pls send help
      1. Paiynz
        May 22, 2020
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