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    1. CupAWup
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      Meet me in game java lobby 1
    2. Angry_Balloon
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      In case you guys didn’t know, I have a YouTube channel!
      1. CupAWup
        Jun 9, 2019
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        If you do, click the person next to the bell icon where you get your emails. After, go and click in your contact details, and scroll down and fill it and save changes!
    3. Angry_Balloon
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      Btw I used to play on bedrock a lot and I just recently got on the forums and played on the java server.
    4. Angry_Balloon
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      my first post is getting a lot of feedback! dont forget to do the poll though ;)
    5. Angry_Balloon
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    just an angry, (ironically) friendly balloon!
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