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Ex-Recruitment Manager & RC | MOTM & SOTM
    1. 20LeeBrian1
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      I am going to miss you. You are an awesome man!
    2. Nuclear™
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      Well man, it's been an honor. Take care of yourself buddy!
    3. Greyhound10
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      Drat, here I was waiting to see you become the recruitment admin one day. Ah well, good luck to you. Thanks for all you've done :)
    4. chrris
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      man batted too many sixes while on the staff team
    5. FoxWinters
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      Thanks for everything <3
    6. Cheezeburgerfan
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      Rubbit, who is from the US! He enjoys and participates in a variety of extra curricular activities such as Martial Arts and tutoring younger students in order to help them succeed in the future. He is also the President of his high school, thus he loves helping out by organizing events and dances. He plans on joining Reports Patrol in the future and is even interested in joining Recruitment one day!

      Farewell Rubbit
    7. Arjun
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      Resigned ~ 1/7/23


      Ever since I joined the staff team a shy 5 years ago, I was motivated to join the Recruitment team and dedicate my all to it. For the past 4 years, I have been able to experience the privilege of being on this team, and over the past 2.5 years, I have had the privilege to manage it alongside Islen-- a great friend and one of the most well-rounded Admins I know.

      Due to certain circumstances leading to a shift in the team structure of Recruitment, remaining on the team will simply not be the same. I have done my part here, and I hope that my work not only on Recruitment but for all my teams has resulted in positive impacts for this network.
      1. FuzzyJunior
        Jan 7, 2023
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        You've been the best this team's ever had. Undisputed GOAT.
    8. FoxWinters
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      Happy Birthday!
    9. Cheezeburgerfan
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      Happy birthday Rubbit!
    10. Widestsinger
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      Happy birthday!!!
    11. SpectreSai
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      Happy birthday!
    12. TheArrowsShadow
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      Thanks for everything ya did on the newsletter o/
    13. Nuclear™
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      It appears that I have run into a great guy :)
      1. FoxWinters
        Oct 1, 2022
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        Right? He is Awesome! :)
    14. Abood
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    15. Joiined
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      hi dude
      1. Arjun
        Apr 24, 2022
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        woah looked who joiined
    16. Nuclear™
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      Arjun, you are one of a kind man. Please keep being you bud. :)
      1. Arjun
        Apr 22, 2022
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        I'm glad to have met you man, your kindness is unmatched. I wish you well with all your future endeavors!
    17. Cheezeburgerfan
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      congrats on 4 years on the staff team Rubbit!
    18. FoxWinters
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      Happy Birthday!
    19. BubbleBear1
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      Happy Birthday!!
    20. ChefCloud
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      Happy birthday
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