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    1. Jet Starglaze
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      1000+ posts cause of enjin?
      1. bestjoedavena
        Jun 23, 2021
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        Yep, was very active on the old enjin forums in 2015 and 2016.
    2. Paladise
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      Hello there o_O
      1. bestjoedavena
        Jun 16, 2021
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    3. CrazyOfTim
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      Your name sounds super familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?
      1. bestjoedavena
        Jan 2, 2020
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        Not sure, where did you see me before?
    4. Thenorn
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      Congratulations on your 100th post!
    Not following anybody.
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    I'm a mineplex veteran, playing since around March 2014. My favorite games used to be bridges and SG. My main account was bestjoedavena (https://xen.mineplex.com/players/bestjoedavena) but this is a new account if you're wondering how I have a low level after playing for over 5 years. My old account got hacked awhile back in early 2017 (after I quit in late 2016) based on name change date so that's why I have a new account.

    Also I used to be very active on the old mineplex forums from mid 2015 to late 2016 with about 900 posts on there (you can see 906 posts on my enjin profile), so I have made over 1000 posts total if counting this site. I'm not active on the forums anymore. My profile: https://www.enjin.com/profile/14215937

    Check out my youtube channel (still kinda active as of April 10, 2022 but only uploading about once a month): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCodJ4vxMfWxCusXhoJE4HBw
    Mineplex veteran since March 2014. My old minecraft account with almost level 70 (not using anymore): https://xen.mineplex.com/players/bestjoedavena

    Former very active forum user back in 2015 and 2016 with over 900 posts on the old enjin forums. Check out my enjin profile: So for some reason Mineplex censors enjin links even though they used to use that so just look up bestjoedavena enjin and you should find it.

    Check out my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCodJ4vxMfWxCusXhoJE4HBw
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