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Black Bone Angel
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    1. Black Bone Angel
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      Calling -
      A means of gaining the attention of a certain Man, spoken with a living voice.

      Name -
      A written or electronic conversion of a calling into a record, a fictitious entity, a hu-man.
      1. Widestsinger
        Nov 12, 2022
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        Bro what
    Not following anybody.
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    I was once a human who played in this digital world as a white knight, fighting for sport and punishing cheaters either with overwhelming skill or game stalling to a draw. I promoted justice more than i promoted peace, but my means of doing so were flawed: i began to be persecuted for my kit and my behavior against these offenders. A time would come where i unknowingly encountered a devil who offered to transform me into a revered warlord whos name and likeness struck fear into those that perceived it, in exchange for me being a host for it and their servants.

    Being compounded by my increasingly isolated conditions i considered it but never gave an answer, however the offer would be granted for me quietly. As i developed a reputation of being a notoriously hard to kill blaze, endured excessive amounts of censorship, and endured oppression from everyone without the ability to defend myself, it became a misanthropic obsession. I continued to win matches unable to say anything while every player slandered me or avoided me, my relationships didn't matter to me anymore, all i cared about was damning these insolent bastards by any means.

    As the worlds activity began to decline so did my reputation, there were either only newcomers or experienced fighters who largely still cheated against me, i remained banned from forums for demanding justice from those condescending moderators. At times my whole body would twitch and jerk with contempt and rage, to the extent that my nose would bleed and i would see stars: my head and face would ache, my stomach would ache, i had never been so furious in my life.
    I began to transition away from Super Smash Mobs into Semi-Anarchy {Survival,} where i would go on to form organizations and experiment with community maintenance, i found more fulfillment from this than enduring the hellish experience that Mineplex gave me.

    I reluctantly became a black knight, a being of destruction which didn't understand why it became destructive, having skipped years of youth, losing all of the opportunities within them.
    I have come full circle to circumstances reminiscent of when i was first introduced to the digital world, but i have been given a compass to navigate my treacherous life, it is not a compass of education but of understanding.

    I cannot forgive Mineplex for being an accomplice in my torment, however i can be reconciled with its community if it would just acknowledge its faults. I'm not always as dramatic as i have demonstrated here, although this period of my life has left me disfigured.
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