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    1. bossmanjb
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      Yoooo! I just made some really good pudding! Nom Nom Nom! Its sooo gooooood!
    2. bossmanjb
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      Hmm, I want to make a map for mineplex, but don't know what to make. Any suggestions or ideas that I could make?
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      2. Cheezeburgerfan
        Jan 7, 2019
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        You should do a Medieval theme with a castle or two.
      3. ___TacoCat___
        Feb 6, 2019
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        make a map themed turtle island.
      4. bossmanjb
        Mar 3, 2019
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        Got it
    3. bossmanjb
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      Alright, we will make a forums application where you have to apply to join our clan!
    4. TazMunkey
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      Sure I can join.
    5. bossmanjb
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      Sorry for a late response xD
    6. bossmanjb
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      Yes, you can!
    7. joerock777
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      Hi boss can I stay off work tomorrow? xDDD
    8. bossmanjb
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      Any Clans players want to join my clan next season? Currently we have 22 legendary weapons and 6 scythes. We are hoping to gain a lot more legendaries than season 5.5.
      1. joerock777
        Feb 11, 2019
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        I would
    9. nathan.
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      1. bossmanjb
        Oct 13, 2018
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      2. ___TacoCat___
        Mar 4, 2019
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    10. bossmanjb
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      I am currently making the old mineplex lobby with the tree from around 2015. I can't wait until its done
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    I am a supportive Java player. I spend most of my time on Clans servers, Dom/Ctf, Survival games, and sometimes even skywars. I always prefer to play on Java instead of Badrock. I really like to spend time with friends and by playing on Mineplex, I have made lots and lots of new amazing friends!!
    If you have any questions, make sure you ask me by starting a conversation, or by sending a private message to my discord - bossmanjb#5993
    I want to become a Trainee!! :D
    Woo Hoo!!
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