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      Love this new website ey
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    Hey guys my name is Callum. I'm from England, but I have lived in Portugal for 5 years now having the time of my life (Although I barley speak the language, which I aim to work on heavily this year). I'm from the North East of England so if we meet in the discord don't be shy if you can't understand my accent. At the time of writing this I am 16 years old (D.O.B 4/2/2003).

    I have many hobbies and I live a fun life, going scuba diving (I'm certified), surfing, snowboarding and skiing all year round, and playing games of course. I love motorcycles, in fact during the time that I'm writing this I am doing my A1 license which I'm super keen to finish. Plus I'm a huge fan of Game of Thrones, TV show and Books!

    I was chosen to be head boy of my school of 2000 pupils and therefore my social networking skills and public speaking has improved drastically. Back in the prime of Minecraft, I had also owned 2 servers which were both shut down a year later due to inactive staff, so I have great experience of managing a server. In fact I even got a interview to become a trainee on this very server, but I failed due to lack of knowledge about the server because I took a long break from it.

    I first played Mineplex many years ago, and since then it was my go to server. However I took a two year break from Minecraft purely because of boredom, but I'm now jumping back onto the Minecraft resurrection train!
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