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    1. ___TacoCat___
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      you have been visited by the cowboy
      1. Captainwrecker
        May 20, 2020
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        Thank you, yeehaw sir.
    2. Captainwrecker
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      Ok so like my parents had to both go and get tested for the virus since my dad was in contact with a confirmed patient so I also went because I probably needed to get tested too. Turns out I didn't because I didn't show any signs close to whats needed but the tests look like they suck and they're really uncomfortable. So let this be a reminder: Stay home please <3
      1. purplesword
        May 14, 2020
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        yes, stay safe <3
    3. Captainwrecker
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      Hopefully I can make an effort to be more active on here lol.
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