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    1. yvuggu
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      Followed because of Carebears. An episode that I remember distinctly from years ago was when the blue grumpy bear became grumpy while he was watching sports on a tv outside with a few other bears(the purple music bear and the little pink bear), maybe funshine

      So after he became grumpy for some reason with a raincloud above his head basically what happened was the world went gray and dull, and there was a scene where the purple music bear and the little pink bear, usually friends, were fighting over something, so basically everyone became grumpy. The brown bear who was kind of important was protected from all this with a bubble, and gave advice to the blue grumpy bear. Then grumpy bear saw Funshine in a treehouse, cracked a joke, and Funshine became normal again easily because of his carefree nature. After that I don't remember much except them making the purple music bear become colorful again(that was hard, just cracking jokes didn't work), and the music bear played some happy music(before she was doing sad music), resulting in the world becoming colorful again.
      1. Carebear
        Feb 15, 2021
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        Oh yeah, them classics :3
    2. parkourghost
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      I remember getting your name confused with someone else ahha
    3. Carebear
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      Was close to getting the dedicated title in the advent calendar aaa
    4. ItsFree
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      Hi Carebear!
      1. Carebear
        Dec 13, 2020
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    5. Carebear
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      im carebear
    Not following anybody.
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    Just know that I care.
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