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    1. Cindyk0711
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      Mistakes to avoid playing cake wars:
      1. Not covering your cake before rushing mid! Mid is one of the busiest places early on in the game and by leaving your cake exposed you are asking for death. Cover up your cake with preferably clay or moonrack, wool works too.
      2. Camping at your base and not helping your teammates!
      I see so many people who thinks it’s a good idea to camp at base the whole time and build a big wool wall around their island. IT’S NOT A GOOD IDEA. It literally doesn’t help with défense and you’re hanging your teammates out to dry. Find something to do! Cover the cake in obsidian, prepare to eat another team’s cake, or even help capture middle or emerald point! It’s not that hard!
      3. Not eating exposed cakes.
      Relates back to my first point. Eat the exposed cakes you see! It’ll help dwindle their number later in the game and it’s one less team to worry about. Be prepared for retaliation because they might try to rush you with their entire team in an attempt for revenge.
      4. Not capturing emerald points early on!
      Middle is busy and competitive and I’m not one to rush them as early as possible, but you should at least help capture 1 or 2 emerald point. It will greatly help everyone on your team
      Seriously, it’s one of the best things to buy with your hard earned nether stars. It multiplies all the emerald, bricks, and nether stars you get by 2x! And resources II multiply them by 3x! It’s super easy to become unstoppable with this upgrade. Under some circumstances you may want to prioritize protection and sharpness if you plan to fight a lot, but resources is probably the best upgrade in game. Get it as soon as possible!
      1. asfhjjsnx782$e
        Apr 14, 2020
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        1. I emerald point rush to avoid teams coming since for whatever reason, bedrock players don’t like going via emerald points.
        2. People who build forts annoy me so much it’s crazy. I usually just get shears and take all of the wool for bridging. When I defend my cake, I only use ONE layer of obsidian (5 pieces). With a huge defense, people can pearl in and eat your cake without you noticing.
        3. If you play a rushing play style, then you should be doing that anyways.
        4. Yeah middle point is very important especially on bedrock where kb is broken, you NEED the middle point to win in drawn out games where you may not be able to rush.
        5. I personally play a rushing playstyle, so I get sharpness first then resources if the game draws out.
        Nice Guide!
      2. Cindyk0711
        Apr 14, 2020
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        @FluteVegtables Agreed with everything you said. I cannot understand people who build giant wool walls. Even when I started out in cake wars and was an absolute noob, I never built walls around my base.

        Also do you play on PE? If so please add me on discord. I play 2-3 hours of minecraft a day on cubecraft skywars and mineplex cakewars. I'm DYING for a cooperative and experienced teammate to play cakewars with. When I try to communicate with people on random parties they either don't respond to chat or never do team play and ruin experiences for everyone.
      3. asfhjjsnx782$e
        Apr 21, 2020
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        Yes I do play bedrock (and java). I’d be glad to play cakewars with you. If you also want someone who plays very often and is an absolute god play with @NothinButNet
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