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    1. GoldSlayer
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      how do people like this get banned
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    I'll start of by saying this. I'm Hannafive, I've been playing Mineplex sense season 2. I have hacked using the client Flux. My friend Cooper, or SuperCooperGamer Has Fluux cracked by Ho3. At the time I was using Jigsaw a very bad client...After I got banned using Jigsaw (The first time) I thought it was time to move on to a better client, one more ghostly. He introduced me to Flux. Flux is a very good client, your able to do so many hacks that are UN-noticeable such as Reach,auto clicker Hit box and Velocity things that Jigsaw could never do. I'll admit even thought my main was banned that didn't stop me. I bought alts from a place called Super alts and easily could fight still on Clans 7. I thought that sense i was on a different account they couldn't catch me. That is until I logged on one day and a MOD Named EmmaLie Banned me for "Compromised accounts." I had no idea what that meant so I asked My friends and they basically said that it means Many ips have logged in to the same account. I didnt care because i had at least 200 alts. I logged on again and got banned for "Compromised accounts." it happened again and again until i was just sick of typing in my alt information. And what sucks is My alt CobraToxinMC got banned as well! So now I had my Main account and my alt account banned. I'm used to my main being banned, that saying because it has been banned before. But i always relied on my alt which is now banned as well.
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