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    Hi huntys!

    Quick reminder, that I am no longer active on the Second Life platform, The Sims platform or the Roblox platform. I now create for Minecraft as Dahnny but you can call me Daniel. :bt::mineplex::gwen:

    Please refer to my terms of service below.

    :alex:TOU: :samlol:

    Please don't do the following:

    - Use my art or skins in your own work.
    - Upload retextures of my work with a higher price included.
    - Wearing my skins, I will catch you!
    - Make Money off of my work (this includes copying my hairs ect.)
    - Convert my clothing to your skin.
    - Using my skin without proper credit or permissions.

    :bedrock: My work is all DMCA protected, so please follow the TOU. Thanks! :willy:
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