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    1. CupAWup
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      Saw you in glads today :D
      1. ddgolfer04
        Nov 12, 2019
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        Haha, yes you did! It was a enjoyable time! Any time you wanna duel. Come find me!
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    Hello, I am ddgolfer04! I have been apart of this inspiring community for a while. I joined Mineplex in the beginning of 2014. I enjoy playing Survival Games, Speed Builders, and Dragon Escape. I try to stay as active as possible both in-game and on the forums. Feel free to PM me for anything whether its a simple question, or just to hang out!
    God First ✝️
    Mineplex Second

    Previous Account: https://www.enjin.com/profile/14092221

    Joined Mineplex with ddgolfer: Early 2014
    Joined Mineplex with ddgolfer04: Late 2014
    Ultra: Early 2015
    Legend: June 2015
    Joined Mineplex Forums/ Enjin: July 2015
    Titan: December 2015
    Eternal: Late 2017
    Joined New Mineplex Forums: August 12th 2019
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