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    1. SickleMode
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      dEvon cOmE bAcK
    2. Devon
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    3. Devon
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      Hello! My name is Devon and I want to know if anyone has any Anime reccomendations? I loved Akame Ga Kill, and If anyone has anything related, or even generally good, could you comment below. I am very interested to see what you people like and maybe we could bond together and watch it sometime.
      1. PapiKirito
        May 30, 2019
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        My all time favorite is classroom of the elite, but that's nothing like Akame Ga Kill. No game no life, konosuba and my hero academia are also solid, though chances are if you watch anime at all you've already seen at least 2 of those.
      2. Yato
        Aug 25, 2019
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        My favorites animes is ReLife. Haikyu, Mob Psycho 100, Blue Excorcist, and Noragami are also amazing.
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