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    1. Paladise
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      Hello there o_O
    2. DiamondCrafterYT
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      So like, are we not gonna talk about how the nano games need a HUGE update. And I'm specifically talking about some of the games. Most games are top tier. But slime cycles...I'm referring to the one that is like slitherio. It's extremely hard to play and maneuver around. Like I think you are supposed to sit on the slime and view it from there but instead I'm constantly on and off and very difficult to see. Same goes for the kart racing game. Like sometimes I'm not on the sheep and just stuck there. But half the time it works so not super broken. But slime cycles. Huge rework. But great games by far. Loving bomberman, so fun and really get's your blood pumpin!
    Not following anybody.
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