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    1. Eroil
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      Just woke up from a 4 month nap and some strange creatures have invaded my profile. Well they seem to be gone now, back to sleep for me
    2. Dezzy
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      Happy Birthdayy! :)
    3. scarlet
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    4. crackle (gone...)
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      I smell a birthday! Have a great day!
    5. xOeuf
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      EU SSM boi <3
      1. Eroil
        Oct 19, 2019
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        Forever and ever!
    6. cernsie
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      Hey, thanks for being a real quality forum user! I do appreciate the amount of thought and effort you put into the "3 Stack Cat" SSM kit idea and I just wanted to say that the idea was really creative and cool! I'm just posting this here because it does not push any real discussion, and would not help the thread.
      1. Eroil
        May 23, 2019
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        Thank you, I really appreciate the support. Trying to avoid replying without pushing the conversation forwards is also something I appreciate you doing, it's nice to see members who are actively trying to improve the forums by actively acting on it.
    7. Eroil
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      The leading expert in the market for overly long threads no one will read- the absolute best in the business since 2015.
    8. xOeuf
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    Not following anybody.
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    I'm the leading expert in the market for overly long threads no one will read- the best in the business since 2015.
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