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Senior Moderator
    1. LT Tombstone 77
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      tbh: Harry! We never really talked that much when I was on the Staff team, but from what I've seen and heard, you seem like a really nice person. You definitely deserved StM, as you're really kind and hardworking. We should definitely talk a bit more! Keep being a super dedicaed and amazing staff member <3
    2. ScarletBlood37
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      HARRY!! we haven't talked a lot but i remember talking to you for RP stuff and you were just super sweet and enjoyable to talk to. i'm very proud of everything you've accomplished, and glad you're stm now, you deserve it 100% :)
      i still remember the conversation about rp applications! i'm super happy that you approved what i said and hopefully the change will or already is being made in the future <3
    3. xGetSpooked
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      TBH: Hey Harry! We didn’t really talk much while I was on the staff team, but we did have a few conversations now and then. From that, I can say that you’re a super nice person and it’s very enjoyable to talk you you, I’m sad we didn’t talk more while I was on the staff team, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get to know you more now! You’re a really dedicated staff member, you definitely have earned those promotions. Keep up the good work and I hope to chat again soon! :D
    4. Paladise
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      TBH: Heyy! I don't know you that well but you seem like a very dedicated staff member. Also a very late congrats on getting Staff Management, I know you earned it :)
    5. chrvssy
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      TBH: Hi Harry! I know we haven't talked too much (other than me bothering you with RP questions) but I can already tell you're such a nice, chill, and helpful person. You make an absolutely amazing addition to the staff team, and I'm sure all your mentees can agree with that :)
    6. BaconAnEggs
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      Hey, you seem like a pretty cool person. You're kind and helpful, and are always really sweet. Thank you so much for everything that you do.​
    7. WowCaleb
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      Hey Harry! First off, you were one of the most hardworking MAs I knew and you're totally deserving of where you're at now as an StM mentor. I'm sure you're the first point of contact for your mentees no matter what they need. I remember being thrilled for you when you were promoted to RP lead as well, given the dedication you had to the team over the years. You're always there if I need help with something RP-related or if I have to ask a noob question (which happens quite regularly!). Keep being awesome :D​
    8. Mathuu
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      you followed me so quickly i had a heart attack
    9. HauntedUnicornGM
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      Holy, how did I not notice that you became Staff Management?! Very late congrats Harry!
    10. SuperScaryDamien
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      it says here that you're a staff management? is that like where you accept admins or something?????
      1. SuperScaryDamien
        Aug 5, 2020
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        I really hope you’re being sarcastic because I was joking lol
      2. Amg_
        Aug 5, 2020
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        Oop *hides*
    11. Looof
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      so late but congrats <3
    12. RavenPaw9
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      Congrats, you are such an incredible person and I'm so excited for you to be an amazing mentor!!
    13. Polar8
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      GG, congrats man!
    14. richcaroline
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    15. ScarletBlood37
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      CONGRATSS <3
    16. Tails The Fox
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      Congrats on StM Harry! I knew you would get onto StM.
    17. WowCaleb
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      CONGRATS HARRY!! You've been working hard for this and you'll be a great mentor <3
    18. Tours
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      HARYYY!! Congratulations, well deserved <3
    19. iMedia
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      Big congrats!
    20. Pyu[Cinia]
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      Congrats! :D
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