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hat >:(
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    I am a 4 year old potateo living in box in forest about 5 meters from civilization. In my dream is to
    one day mov awey from box and travel the only 5 meters any potato every has traveled by rollerblades. But somebody once told me the box was gnna rll over me so I went to a civilization about 9 meters away from my box and found a shed. Someone in the shed had a knife so I went away. I think it was another potato that was threatning me with a knife. I got very scared and started rolling for
    my life until I reached my box again. No one knew how to enter my box but.. It was very scary.
    so I locked myself out but it didn't matter because I got eaten now I live life as milimeter in box
    so as I said I im a potato about 5 meter away from ciilizaton. My dream is to one day to become a potato. now I am a potato and I life off nutrient from tree I eat tree because im a human but now tree no longer live because I ate it. I am running out of nutrients and I get my nutrients by being a attention whore now you know potato life secrets episode 4 only on the discovery channel now I am lonely human in room eating tree to live life. I still have my dream to fill so I very run bye.
    i carry tryhards in cw :D
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