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    1. Icarys
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      finally, I have a profile picture
    2. GoldSlayer
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      I can slay anything
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    Greetings fellow humans, hello, it's me, salvete.

    You probably went to the "about me" section of my profile to learn about me... but I tend to be more reserved than not, so I dunno, we'd have to hang out or interact. Explaining myself is also a bit of a drag because I'm a hot mess LOL

    I guess if you want some basic facts

    > I'm Irish.
    > If you're Irish, chances are I'll automatically like you and want to be your friend.
    > If you're not Irish, you're still cool too!
    > I do Computer Science
    > I'm a nerd...jack of all trades, master of none.
    > I used to be really introverted and have recently in the grand scheme of things started coming out of my shell.
    > Martial arts are my beloved.

    I don't bite, but sometimes I don't respond to direct contact. Feel free to PM if you want.
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