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    1. Cepheus
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    2. Mystic 0440
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      Hi Legend!!! Happy Birthday to you! Congrats on whatever number your birthday is today... you are wished my very best always... I hope you have a really, really Happy Birthday!!
    3. Mystic 0440
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      My turn to write here... it was very nice to talk to you not that long ago, I am glad you are doing well and that you do peek in here from time to time. You might not leave a fingerprint behind but your presence was felt.
      As the others who have know your presence here have said... "You are very much missed!" You kept me from going, I wish I could do the same for you, but in caring you also let someone go. Today is a sad day for me... so saying that brings tears. They will dry... but the sentiment is felt.
    4. Mr.Cardyceps
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      Legends never die, right?
      1. Cepheus
        Sep 26, 2021
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        Yes! >:)
    5. Cepheus
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      mineplex has really been different without you....
    6. Mystic 0440
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      Hi Legend! It is August 2021, surprisingly! And, surprisingly I am still here :) Some days are harder than others, but trying to move forward to each new day.
      I would have to say, if it wasn’t for you being here, connecting me to your friends (which was many and still is!) that idk where I would be, if even anywhere. You understood you need just one person to remember you are welcome you, and you did that plus more.
      I know you left for reasons we don’t need to know, but I hope you are able to come here from time to time to know and read you are still loved and missed. Besides, I would swear you were on discord, not 100% sure, but didn’t msg you, idk why, I should have.
      If you don’t ever come back, but do to just read, know you have my best regards alway!
    7. Gil-galad
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      i swear you were level 58-
      Also rip, "Last Activity: Mar 20, 2021"
      1. Gil-galad
        Jul 21, 2021
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        We dead around here
    8. Ryan9116
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      Week #some number, i hope you are having fun out of mineplex, legend
    9. Young_Inventor
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      (insert comment here)
    10. Gil-galad
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      Week #12 2/7, i hope you are having fun out of mineplex, legend
      also level 58!
    11. Cepheus
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      Week #12 | 5/11/21
    12. Cepheus
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      we miss you </3
    13. Gil-galad
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      Week #8 1/7, i hope you are having fun out of mineplex, legend
    14. MalibuNights
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      I was thinking back to all the times we played cake wars. The memories are really hitting now.
    15. Ryan9116
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      Week #6, i hope you are having fun outside of mineplex, legend
    16. Ryan9116
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      week #5, i hope you are having fun outside mineplex, legend
    17. Ryan9116
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      Last Activity: Yesterday at 10:26 AM
      1. Ryan9116
        Mar 8, 2021
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        also you were on discord yesterday too
    18. Gil-galad
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      11k likes! +69 ofc.
    19. Cepheus
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      it hurts not having you around, you were like the heart of the forums <3
    20. heatherr
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      I miss you <3 :(
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