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    1. Mr.Cardyceps
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      Legends never die, right?
      1. le Brownie
        le Brownie
        Sep 26, 2021
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        Yes! >:)
    2. le Brownie
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      mineplex has really been different without you....
    3. Mystic 0440
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      Hi Legend! It is August 2021, surprisingly! And, surprisingly I am still here :) Some days are harder than others, but trying to move forward to each new day.
      I would have to say, if it wasn’t for you being here, connecting me to your friends (which was many and still is!) that idk where I would be, if even anywhere. You understood you need just one person to remember you are welcome you, and you did that plus more.
      I know you left for reasons we don’t need to know, but I hope you are able to come here from time to time to know and read you are still loved and missed. Besides, I would swear you were on discord, not 100% sure, but didn’t msg you, idk why, I should have.
      If you don’t ever come back, but do to just read, know you have my best regards alway!
    4. Gil-galad
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      i swear you were level 58-
      Also rip, "Last Activity: Mar 20, 2021"
      1. Gil-galad
        Jul 21, 2021
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        We dead around here
    5. Ryan9116
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      Week #some number, i hope you are having fun out of mineplex, legend
    6. Young_Inventor
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      (insert comment here)
    7. Gil-galad
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      Week #12 2/7, i hope you are having fun out of mineplex, legend
      also level 58!
    8. le Brownie
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      Week #12 | 5/11/21
    9. le Brownie
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      we miss you </3
    10. Gil-galad
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      Week #8 1/7, i hope you are having fun out of mineplex, legend
    11. MalibuNights
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      I was thinking back to all the times we played cake wars. The memories are really hitting now.
    12. Ryan9116
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      Week #6, i hope you are having fun outside of mineplex, legend
    13. Ryan9116
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      week #5, i hope you are having fun outside mineplex, legend
    14. Ryan9116
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      Last Activity: Yesterday at 10:26 AM
      1. Ryan9116
        Mar 8, 2021
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        also you were on discord yesterday too
    15. Gil-galad
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      11k likes! +69 ofc.
    16. le Brownie
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      it hurts not having you around, you were like the heart of the forums <3
    17. heatherr
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      I miss you <3 :(
    18. Gil-galad
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      Last Activity: 46 minutes ago
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      2. Jet Starglaze
        Jet Starglaze
        Mar 6, 2021
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        I would post about this, but I think it's a glitch. If everyone knows about it then it will be patched quickly. I don't think it's supposed to happen.
      3. Gil-galad
        Mar 6, 2021
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        why so? there's literally a thing saying 'Last Activity:'
      4. Jet Starglaze
        Jet Starglaze
        Mar 6, 2021
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        eh true I'll post make a post about it when I get on my pc so I can also get screenshots.
    19. ilyLegend
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      Hello everyone! I know I haven't been active lately, but I just wanted to let you all know that I am moving on. Mineplex has been a big part of my life for about 7 years, and it has been quite a long journey this entire time. There are so many people to thank and express my gratitude to that pinging them all will make the list go on for so long. Some really notable people to mention are @Ŗýąñ⁹¹¹⁶ , @Zapix, @MalibuNights, @anna ♪, @zapig, @Susie, @Paladise, @Young_Inventor, @Mystic 0440, @Snowy ❄️️, @SnowyStarglaze, @ChineselonelyNewceps Year. I am going to just going to follow the people who really made an impact on me and made me so happy this entire time. Now you all are probably thinking that I am quitting this server forever. This is almost true, but I will be coming onto the server occasionally, but I really cannot promise anything because I have so much school work and things to do in life that I cannot dedicate as much time here as I used to. I hope you all understand <3

      Good bye

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      2. Mystic 0440
        Mystic 0440
        Feb 28, 2021
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        Legend, oh my, I never thought I would have to let you go (sorry tears are clouding my vision to write this). When I was falling apart and I decided to leave Mineplex, you and Perseus were there. You were a new friend, and just being there was what I needed, a friend who cared, not like the fake friends I had. Because of you I was able to go away for a little while and come back to visit and when I came back you were always there with a hello! Because of you, you opened door for me to meet @Ŗýąñ⁹¹¹⁶, @yvuggu, @anna., @Jet Starglaze, @Cloudy Day. I am probably forgetting someone, if I did I am sorry. I still leave from time to time because all of my friends are not like you and these friends and I can’t deal ... but coming back to these friends makes those times away shorter... I only have you to thank for that gift. You will be so very much missed. I can’t say I can’t understand because I do. You will be missed so very much, my tears will dry, and I will be able to remember you with a smile and a wink... your the best. If ever, you stop in for a hello... just know you are loved! Thanks for being what a “Friend” really is. Idk why I didn’t get the notification...ugh! Happy Valentine’s the last holiday. Bye, oh god that is so hard to say... *tears*
      3. Mr.Cardyceps
        Mar 1, 2021
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        1) How I didn't get notified about this!
        2)It's been a long day without you, my friend
        And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
        We've come a long way from where we began
        Oh, I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
        When I see you again
        3)It is actually sad to see him go away.
      4. Susie
        Mar 6, 2021
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    20. Mr.Cardyceps
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      Why do you use a picture of a space trap version of Loki as your pfp? I'm not against this, I'm just curious.
      P.S. Also congrats on getting a new level!
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