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    1. Iowa1999
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      Does anybody know why Mineplex is down right now? If so do you have any predictions when it'll come back up?
    2. Iowa1999
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      What do you guys think will happen to society after quarantine? With school, work, entertainment, going to concerts, social gatherings, investments in medicine, science, medicare, etc. I think everything will become more online with school and work. Entertainment will also probably become more online. Going to concerts and having social gathers I'm guessing won't go back to anything close to normal for a while after this pandemic is over, even if it is safe to go since the fear of getting the virus is going to be hard to break away from and just forget about. I'm also guessing that investments in the military will go down and investments in science, medicine, and medicare will go up by a lot. Whether this will stay will be interesting.

      (P.S. I also think that companies will either reduce or completely remove their making of products in China and make things more in the US, especially the medicine department since China is holding supplies back from us since there kinda mad at Trump saying, "Chinese virus," and all his travel bans and more. Please keep everything civil, and remember, we're all in this together.)
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