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Recruitment Admin
    1. Islendingurinn
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      Hey all. Just a slight notice I'll be traveling to Iceland 30th July - 17th August, so you can expect a delay in responses.
      1. Mathuu
        Aug 2, 2020 at 12:16 PM
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        enjoy your trip!
    2. Hubble
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      I recognize that profile picture <3
      1. Hubble
        Jul 22, 2020
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        It's almost like.. I made it or something.. ;)
      2. Islendingurinn
        Jul 22, 2020
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    3. Pitato | ATruePitato
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      I know I'm extremely late with this...congratulations on Administrator! :) Even though I'm a month late, I wanted to let you know that you clearly deserve the admin position for everything you've done for Mineplex and potential Trainees. Tyvm and well done ! :3
    4. Manu.
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      Easy 1000th like let's go
    5. GottaGoFasta
      Post Options
      Why are you sending urine?
      1. FluteVegetables
        Jun 21, 2020
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        I thought the exact same thing.
    6. nerfguns3
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      can i carry you in bedrock cakewars please :D
    7. Thenorn
      Post Options
      Accept me onto recruitment and I'll write amazing replies such as this one

      (credit to @Dallarth, this was made for fun in september 2019 lol)

      1. Mathuu
        Jun 20, 2020
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      2. nerfguns3
        Aug 2, 2020 at 11:24 AM
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        lmao i actually wouldve cried if my application a few months ago got denied
    8. Alundor
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    9. CipSyrianS
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      Congrats, best of luck in the future.
    10. Evence
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      Congrats :)
    11. Acerna
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      Yo congrats :)
    12. Krkki
      Post Options
      Hey there, congratulations! I wish you the best of luck. :)
    13. Mathuu
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      can i have free admin please?
      1. Sunny / Slash
        Sunny / Slash
        Jun 6, 2020
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        yes, mathuu deserves it, give it to him!!
      2. crackle (gone...)
        crackle (gone...)
        Jun 6, 2020
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        Good luck!
      3. Mathuu
        Jun 6, 2020
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        (this was a dare in a t or d game)
    14. Shipsa
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      That tag really be looking good on you tho.
    15. RainbowUnicornGM
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      I'm late, but congrats on Admin!
    16. Fallen™
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      Congratulations Island!!!
    17. AnimatedFox
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      congratulations on administrator, you'll do fantastic!
    18. unsorrowful
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      congrats!! well deserved islend (:
    19. DivinePegasi
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      Congrats on your new role!! :D
    20. TheBlueComet
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      Congrats on Mineplex Recruitment Administrator!!! <3
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    About User
    Recruitment, Blacklist, Karaoke lead on Mineplex.
    More information on Reinstatement can be found here.
    More information on Karaoke can be found here.

    If you are messaging me about a rejected application, please a) include the link to it and
    b) have read through the 'Becoming a Trainee' threads (it's my first advice to all Trainee applicants! Read it!).

    My Mineplex staff history, mostly for me to keep track of.
    Accepted as a Trainee - 22/07/2016
    Joined Reports Patrol - 11/08/2016
    Early promoted to Moderator - 28/08/2016
    Joined Karaoke Hosting (on Trial) - 22/09/2016
    Promoted to a full-time Karaoke Host - 04/11/2016
    Resigned from RP - 09/01/2017
    Resigned from KH - 22/01/2017
    Resigned as a Moderator - 22/01/2017
    Reinstated as a Moderator - 26/05/2017
    Invited onto Karaoke Hosting - 28/05/2017
    Promoted to Karaoke Region Lead (as EU) - 11/06/2017
    Joined Quality Assurance Testing - 23/08/2017
    Achieved Mod of The Month - September 2017
    Joined Recruitment as a Jr. Recruiter - 06/10/2017
    Passed my Recruitment trial, became a Recruiter - 08/12/2017
    Promoted to Karaoke Lead - 14/12/2017
    Joined TMA - 27/03/2018
    No longer TMA (as per the StM merge) - 24/05/2018
    Promoted to Reinstatement Lead - 26/05/2018
    Promoted to Recruitment Assistant Lead - 20/07/2018
    Achieved Staff of The Month - October 2018
    Joined Reports Patrol Assistance - 19/11/2018
    Resigned from QAT - 15/04/2019
    Promoted to Blacklist Lead - 16/01/2020
    Promoted to Recruitment Admin - 02/06/2020

    Let's make an impact. Together.
    Islendingurinn has spoken.
    Feel free to PM me about any concerns!
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