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Recruitment Admin
    1. Paiynz
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      #go back to the old pfp xd
    2. AyyNick
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      congratulations on 100 posts, big accomplishment sir!
    3. cove_
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      Oh nuuu I missed your birthday, happy late birthday!!
    4. 20LeeBrian1
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      I know this is late, but happy birthday!
    5. scarlet
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      happy birthdayy!! :)
    6. andr3w
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      Happy birthday islend c:
    7. MalibuNights
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    8. Arjun
      Post Options
      Remember when everyone on the Recruitment team was a teenager?

      Happy 20th birthday!
      1. Islendingurinn
        Dec 13, 2020
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        pulling the average up one year at a time
      2. Chicken In The Snow
        Chicken In The Snow
        Dec 13, 2020
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        Happy b-day :D!
    9. Epicbuilder435
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      Happy birthday to you
      happy birthday to you
      happy birthday dear Islenddddddd
      happy birthday to you
    10. DCDB
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      Happy birthday mr recruiter man :o

    11. anna ♪
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      happy 20th! (:
      1. Islendingurinn
        Dec 13, 2020
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        TY! <3
    12. DerpDerpie
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      Happy birthday
      1. Islendingurinn
        Dec 13, 2020
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        Thank you! <3
    13. Ryan9116
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      Level 1 bedrock haha
    14. Looof
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      people really enjoy playing on vertigo :sickening: :nauseous:
    15. Panda Pixel
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      What is better coke or pepsi?
    16. DarkvaDorian
      Post Options
      here it is in English
    17. DarkvaDorian
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      I would like to thank BREEZLET for having shown me where to apply, I thank him and recommend him.
    18. DarkvaDorian
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      Je voudrais remercier BREEZLET de m'avoir de m'avoir montré où faire ma candidature je le remercie et le recommande.
    19. DarkvaDorian
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      Bonjour, je voudrais me présenter pour le recrutement, mais je ne parle pas anglais, je parle un peu néerlandais, mais je ne sais pas comment il faut faire pour se présenter donc je l'écrit ici, merci d'avance.
    20. StyxKiller03
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      Maybe watch it in x0.5 or x1.25 :)
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    Recruitment, Blacklist, Karaoke lead on Mineplex.
    More information on Reinstatement can be found here.
    More information on Karaoke can be found here.

    If you are messaging me about a rejected application, please a) include the link to it and
    b) have read through the 'Becoming a Trainee' threads (it's my first advice to all Trainee applicants! Read it!).

    My Mineplex staff history, mostly for me to keep track of.
    Accepted as a Trainee - 22/07/2016
    Joined Reports Patrol - 11/08/2016
    Early promoted to Moderator - 28/08/2016
    Joined Karaoke Hosting (on Trial) - 22/09/2016
    Promoted to a full-time Karaoke Host - 04/11/2016
    Resigned from RP - 09/01/2017
    Resigned from KH - 22/01/2017
    Resigned as a Moderator - 22/01/2017
    Reinstated as a Moderator - 26/05/2017
    Invited onto Karaoke Hosting - 28/05/2017
    Promoted to Karaoke Region Lead (as EU) - 11/06/2017
    Joined Quality Assurance Testing - 23/08/2017
    Achieved Mod of The Month - September 2017
    Joined Recruitment as a Jr. Recruiter - 06/10/2017
    Passed my Recruitment trial, became a Recruiter - 08/12/2017
    Promoted to Karaoke Lead - 14/12/2017
    Joined TMA - 27/03/2018
    No longer TMA (as per the StM merge) - 24/05/2018
    Promoted to Reinstatement Lead - 26/05/2018
    Promoted to Recruitment Assistant Lead - 20/07/2018
    Achieved Staff of The Month - October 2018
    Joined Reports Patrol Assistance - 19/11/2018
    Resigned from QAT - 15/04/2019
    Promoted to Blacklist Lead - 16/01/2020
    Promoted to Recruitment Admin - 02/06/2020

    Let's make an impact. Together.
    Islendingurinn has spoken.
    Feel free to PM me about any concerns!
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