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    1. ItzBunniYT
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      This is probably long overdue, but I put it off because I loved the community, I wanted things to work out, and I didn't want to hurt anyone else. But the time has come. My relationship with Mineplex just isn't working anymore. It is causing more pain than joy for both of us lets be honest.

      There's no point going over my problems; we all both know what they are. And we also both know everything we've done to try to work them out if you are my friend. And I have tried, haven't I? We had some really great talks about what needed to change, but nothing did. I even sought professional help but, apparently, I was past that point already.

      I've thought about this a lot and I know in my heart that the community will be happier with other people and not me. I will not be coming back until further notice. I need to move on with Mineplex for now.

      I loved each and everyone of you guys well--for a time. A small part of my heart will always remember the love and remember the happy times we had together, for there were many.

      I truly wish Mineplex asuccessful journey as I dont know if or when I will be returning ever.

      I will leaving this community permanently however I'm remaining in the cult of cheese

      Goodbye my dearest friends
      1. SpitefulNick
        May 12, 2020
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        didn't you post this like last fall or something
    2. ItzBunniYT
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      Aim back
    3. Mathuu
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      wall be revived
    4. ScarletBlood37
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      happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear ItzBunniYT, uhh how does the song go again... happy birthday to you~​
    5. Korben
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      This wall needs to be revived
    6. Acerna
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    7. Acerna
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      remember when u were banned for no reason lol
    8. ItzBunniYT
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      Donated 5$ to TeamTrees today for mineplex.
    9. ItzBunniYT
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      Sorry my wall is dead
    10. ItzBunniYT
      Post Options
      Guess who has returned to forums
      1. SpitefulNick
        Nov 10, 2019
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      2. ItzBunniYT
        Nov 12, 2019
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        LOL I WISH
    11. Hxmza
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      Welcome back! <3
    12. CupAWup
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      Omg the hopping bunny is back
    13. Whisper The Wolf
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      Welcome back!
    14. ShadowGirlPlayz
      Post Options
      Welcome back
    15. BasicT
      Post Options
      Welcome back <33
    16. Knazamn | Skittles1052
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    17. Mathuu
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      oh nooooo!
    18. Sakeusi
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      o: I guess I was coming here to say something nice but I guess I'll just say I'm sorry to see that your forums account got banned, hope soon you'll return c:
    19. Whisper The Wolf
      Post Options
      ItzBunniYT noooo :(
    20. CupAWup
      Post Options
      Wait what happened how you get banned
      1. CupAWup
        Aug 31, 2019
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    Hi I'm Emily. I'm just an 19 year female who enjoys talking and having fun on Mineplex.Proud Community Mentor Program Mentee. Always baguette and strawberry. 1st year at University of Oklahoma, trying to get my PhD in Aviation and Meterology. Pilot in training.

    Bunni Squad & EmmaCito are best
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