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    1. Jayboi
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      Hypixel is the best
    2. KiKiLover
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      F for this guy
    3. PurpleBlock
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      Yoooo you have been posting a lot recently! Keep up the good work interacting with the forums. I love to see it, as I'm trying to do the same!
    4. Jayboi
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      I still wanna thank -snip- for resigning. All he did was develop the game and make up rules as he goes doing whatever he wants
    5. Jayboi
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      Me and a friend are working on a secret project nobody knows about ooooooooh (sarcasm)
    6. Jayboi
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      Half the time i play skywars a mod is hacking ;/
      1. scarlet
        Aug 7, 2020
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        staff shouldnt be hacking, if they do get evidence and report them
      2. Jayboi
        Aug 7, 2020
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        I do that but usually a bias mod legit tells me that they wont Ban them because they are friends
      3. Paladise
        Sep 5, 2020
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        You can do a forum report with evidence @ mineplex.com/reports.
    7. Jayboi
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      I rarely play mineplex but 4 some reason my java account wont link so I'm using java but my bedrock is linked here
    8. Talahai
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      Hey, I wanted to be the first person to write on your wall :D. Do you play Java? I tried to play Bedrock, but setting up the Xbox live thing is too complicated for me xD. Anyways, I gave you a follow <3. Have a nice day!
    9. Jayboi
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    10. Jayboi
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      I would love castle seige to come back
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    Craftik scammed me. She got muted :>
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