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Member, Male, 15, from God, he has summoned me :)

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Mar 25, 2019 at 7:53 PM
Sep 13, 2018
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Java Minecraft Character

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    1. Snowwii
      Ok so im confused why do you have an Eternal and Ultra tag.
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      2. Snowwii
        Mar 5, 2019
      3. Jeapordizes
        Technically I've had every rank on Mineplex at least once but the staff who control that or I couldn't find the transaction ID so I am stuck with both of these. But as what PhoneCord said, I bought Ultra so I get that tag on the Forums page same thing as Eternal. So if you bought more than one rank then tell them on Support and they will add it for you! (Sorry for late response @Snowwii)
        Mar 5, 2019
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      4. Snowwii
        Mar 5, 2019
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    2. Combativeness/xWorpp
    3. Jeapordizes
      Hello Everyone! So I received a couple private messages on Discord mentioning questions about me. So in that case I am gonna be a wonderful person and stating facts about me. Irl Name: Dez Age: 15 County: U.S. (United States) Discord: Dezzy#2046 What is my most favorite game on Mineplex: Currently Cake Wars due to XP How long have I been on Mineplex? Since November of 2014 Any sub-teams in the future? Yes 3 I am recommending to hopefully join one of them. Recruiter, Staff Management, and/or Social Media Why Recruiter? I would love to join recruitment for a huge reason which is to meet all the fabulous inspirational people who love to make a huge impact onto the team. Inspirational maybe a big word just for someone typing something on a computer screen for you guys, but for me it isn’t I do not take everyone as terrible, I take everybody as family and as they make more and more Applications, I love to see how much they’ve improved in all the time they’ve been applying and hopefully one day they will be welcomed to the family. Dream Job: Kinda Confusing let me explain it in order, When I turn 18 or get my High School Diploma I would love to join the U.S. Military but if I am Staff at the time I will not be quitting. After Military for about 4 years or so I will retire and move to California and take Acting Lessons then want to become an Actor for Disney or some appropriate kids channel with shows. Then Youtube been a huge part of life on me so pretty much a Vlogger but not any type of Vlogger, a really interesting vlogger, a type that will strike the Youtube History more than the paul brothers make an impact in 2017. That’s pretty much all the questions people has been asking me if you have any questions please ask me on the Forums or PM me on Discord, again my discord is “Dezzy#2046”. Mostly active on Discord though it’s like a 24/7 thing but Forums I go on for like an hour a day but I will attempt to be more active on Forums.
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    4. Jeapordizes
      Let me straight up with everyone. I am not a person who loves to be active on forums. I love to be active in-game. If you wanna add me on discord it's Dezzy#2046 ill be talking to everyone if you wanna talk
    5. Jeapordizes
      My 15th birthday is in two days like AH!! And my 4th year anniversary of playing Mineplex is coming up on November I am so excited!!!
    6. Maxxehh
      hiii dezzy
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    Oct 21, 2003 (Age: 15)
    God, he has summoned me :)
    Treat others the way you wanna be treated Life isn't easy in reality Future Mineplex Trainee friend me on Mineplex [Java] Username Titanc


    YouTube Channel:


    -Jeopardizes Your local player who loves to share fun and happiness around the world. :happyt3:
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