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    1. JMPhase
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      Jesus Christ I hate SSM
    2. JMPhase
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      I think this is the first time I've ever had enough iron to be able to craft an iron chestplate.
    3. JMPhase
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      How freaking long is Halloween Havoc
    4. JMPhase
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    5. LegendSavedXmas
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      So close to level 100!
    6. JMPhase
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      Only 9k XP from level 100..
    7. JMPhase
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      I wonder if all the staff who were against chests to shards/gems to shards because it violates the EULA are still against it now.
      1. Thenorn
        Jul 13, 2020
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        the reason they're on board now is because they claim it's in fact not against the EULA which is a bit strange
    8. JMPhase
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      Ugh there's a weird glitch with Immortal where they won't make any sound when they get hit, may not sound like a big deal but for some reason it really throws me off. PVP doesn't feel right without sound.
    9. JMPhase
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      Everyone vote sg on the new MP poll :)
    10. JMPhase
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      How much health do Necromanced Skeletons have? I swear even the non-armored ones take like 10-15 hits with a stone sword.
    11. JMPhase
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      SG is in such a horrible state...

      Don't know if anyone would agree but I genuinely think Axeman and Archer are worse than the old Knight. At least Knight still felt like melee combat, even if it was OP and BS. Axeman and Archer are just feel way more gimmicky.

      I just think it feels a lot worse to be axe/bow spammed than getting hilt smashed.
      1. _Prof_
        Feb 12, 2020
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    12. JMPhase
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      I really need to learn how to speed bridge, long overdue :c
    13. JMPhase
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      Holy crap so OCN is back. Once I get my new pc im playing the hell out of that.
    14. JMPhase
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      My problem in SG currently is that I don't wanna use broken kits because unlike most people I actually care about the game being fun for others and not just myself. But at the same time I'm getting so fed up with dealing with them that I kinda want the advantage on my side...

      I wish Mineplex would do something, but we all know it's gonna be freaking ages before that potentially happens... really getting close to using Axeman again and becoming the very thing I hate.
    15. JMPhase
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    16. JMPhase
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      I'm so excited for February. Should be sometime that month I get my new laptop :o
    17. JMPhase
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      It's summer but so cold. Whatever happened to Global Warming?
    18. JMPhase
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      Recently staff have actually been responding to my /reports fairly quickly. I'm impressed Mineplex.
      1. _Prof_
        Jan 15, 2020
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        Probably just a coincidence, it has not been like that for me
    19. JMPhase
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      So I just got tricked in the stupidest way possible...

      I was playing bridges, and it was a pretty long game. It got down to just me and one other person. There was a pretty long stand off where nothing was happening because we were too afraid to approach each other (this was on the mushroom map where the bridges are scary as hell to cross).

      After some time had passed someone joined the server, then acted like a friend of mine and cheers for me. I didn't recognise them but I just assumed it was someone on my friends list who'd changed their name or something. Next they invited me to a party because they said they wanted to play some CW after, and like an idiot, I accept.

      What happened next? I'm immediately sent to the hub and the person who invited me disappears. So I'm pretty sure that the person I was in the standoff with, logged in on their alt, acted like my friend and managed to get me out of the game.

      I'm currently feeling a strange combination of annoyance and amusement. Something like this has NEVER happened to me before...

      Guess I've learned to be more careful now, actually check my friends list.
      1. _Prof_
        Jan 12, 2020
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      2. SpitefulNick
        Jan 26, 2020
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        That seems like some effort just for a bridges win lol
    20. JMPhase
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      I think I'm gonna take a break from Mineplex and Minecraft in general until I get my new laptop. That should be more or less around 2 months.

      Just playing the game has become so frustrating. I think because I'm aware that I'll be getting a new computer I've been noticing issues with performance and graphics that I was previously inattentive of.

      Once I return I'm going to be in full grind mode for level 100. It is way, way, way overdue.
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    Hi, I'm JMPhase.

    You can usually find me playing Survival Games during the Australian peak hours! Other games I enjoy are Bridges, Skywars and Cake Wars.

    Feel free to send me a friend request!
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