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    1. Kalinvia
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      After reporting the hackers,I gained nothing but negative effects.
      First,those hackers who used to trade with me happily moved out from their base and never accepted my teleport request anymore.

      Second,those hackers didn't get any Punishment,the mods kept repeating those same words like a robot.

      In my amateur advice,You don't need to report hackers,because that's useless and completely wasting your precious time on reporting since no one will be banned from the server even if you "Follow the report rules".
      The truth here is mods were having their life since the birth of Mineplex which means there are nearly none of them will care who is hacker.
      If I can be a mod I will control the situation like this,at least not fully anarchy right now.
      1. JetStarglaze
        Oct 30, 2020
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    2. Kalinvia
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      my mineplex video on YouTube.
    3. Kalinvia
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      I have been played Mineplex more than 2 weeks in this year,and I have noticed many things during the re-colonize my old survival mode.
      I've heard that mineplex updated their system so you can't use your hack to cheat.
      I discovered plenty of problems and bugs during exploring the world and establishing my own base.
      1.cannot delete my own claim
      2.You can't rename your item,writing words on the signs.
      3.Bucket filled with Water or Lava bugged when putting on the land where you haven't claimed.
      4.OMG,Hackers everywhere(this is far beyond my expectation)
      5.no complex redstone things
      6.No nether and end(because I tried to jump in the portals which were abandoned)
      8.i can understand moderator's afraid about spamming but WHY DID THEY FORBIDDEN THE ANVIL?
      omg,I just annex two diamond helmets and I can't do that some how!!!!!!

      My life in survival mode right now right except those things I have mentioned above.
      I seldom interact with hackers because I have no interest on their BLANK GEARs and the reason why I interact with hackers is because my outpost is next to their mines so I pay them some resources as the rents.
      Some hackers are cocky,they will lure others who are interested their funny toys,and once you actually give them your precious diamonds,they teleport away.
      Oh,yeah I'm new here,so I don't know how to report and I met a girl? named FedralZombiefox,next to her name is a Duke title,idk if she is one of mod team.
      she has a large sky base,but I decided to tell that in my next post.
      1. Kalinvia
        Sep 23, 2020
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    Not following anybody.
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    Hello everyone,I'm new at here.
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