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    1. _Prof_
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      Happy birthday!
    2. Kastily
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      Lately I have had the weirdest obsession with skyblock. If anyone wants to accompany me in my adventures I'm down to add you too my island haha.
    3. Kastily
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      That awkward moment when you are wearing Nike's and you just can't do it.
    4. _Prof_
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      1. Kastily
        Mar 5, 2019
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    5. Kastily
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      I'm oddly obsessed with the show Gotham. Like David Mazouz is just adorable, sorry but how could you not love him?
    6. Kastily
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      Felt like I should post something so...
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    About User
    Hi! I'm Kastily.

    A few of my hobbies include...
    - Gaming
    - Tennis
    - Archery
    - Reading
    - Volunteering (Mainly with animals!)

    My Favorite Games are...
    - Battleblock Theater
    - Subnautica
    - Sims 4
    - Minecraft (duhhh)
    - All FNAF games
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