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    1. old_space_
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      i know you stole my old signature, grrrrr >:(
      1. KiKiLover
        Dec 20, 2018
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    2. BeeInc
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      Thanks for the follow! :D
      1. KiKiLover
        Nov 15, 2018
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        What kind of dog is that ?
      2. BeeInc
        Nov 15, 2018
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        I think it’s a Parson Russell Terrier not sure though he’s a rescue puppy that I got to live in my college dorm with me!
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    (1) I love drawing anime pictures , building and Cooking.
    (2) I like listening K-pop , also Im Twich fan <3 (I love you Nayeon ) I watched every Show me the money 777 episode so if you are interested listening Korean raps search Show me the money on Youtube you guys will like it :3
    (3) I do play League of legends with few friends (streamers) - Hubblet Katarina Challenger player. I play support Rakan , Karma , Lux , Zed , Yasuo (I suck but I love it) , and Master Yi (braindead Champ).
    I play mobile game - Mobile Legends. Its 5v5 MOBA game Its so fun playing with my team members.

    Thanks for reading <3
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

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