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    1. Kombat_8
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      For me Mineplex sort of represents south parks season 6 theme so here is my parody of south park Mineplex edition

      Im going down to mineplex gonna have my self a time
      Friendly faces everywhere humble folks without temptation
      im going down to mineplex gonna leave my day behind
      ample join time day or night
      people saying Howdy neighbor
      Heading on up to Mineplex to see if i can unwind
      Moderator! Moderator! x4
      So come on down to Mineplex meet some friends of mine
    2. Kombat_8
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      Just about an hour ago I had asked someone if they were a cool kid and someone who came out of no where and said "Yes he is the coolest kid of them all" after he said this I said I know your a cool kid but now that I know that hes a cool kid everything's cool now. Kooler than kool-aid
    Not following anybody.
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    A dude who likes to edit videos and workout regularly
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