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    1. BubbleBear1
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      Happy Birthday!!!
    2. Vocaloiid
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      Ey kraff hb!
    3. KrAff
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      Hey guys! I’m sure most of your don’t remember me but I was a pretty active member of the community and spent a little under 2 years as staff before resigning for good in 2016. I mostly played SG and UHC but with UHC being removed now days I mostly play SG. I have a little over 1.7k wins and almost 6k games played. After leaving Mineplex in 2016 I hopped to Hypixel where I played UHC exclusively getting to 8 star before quitting Minecraft as a whole for a little over 8 months. Here recently I have lost all desire to play most games, but Minecraft has once again pulled me in. I have been grinding SG and spending a good amount of time on the server. If all goes well I plan on spending the coming months relearing the server and perhaps applying for staff once again. Just a quick bio, My name is Nick and I’m 19 years old. I live in a rural town in Ohio. Im currently working as a Police dispatcher in a neighboring town. I plan on going to school to get a degree in Biology then going to the Police academy to become a wildlife officer. If there is anything you’d want to know feel free to ask and I’ll answer anything I can.
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      2. Vocaloiid
        Feb 25, 2019
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        I guess the main advice I have is don't mask your personality, don't try hard and whatnot etc. But it's great to see you back Kraff.
      3. cernsie
        Feb 27, 2019
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        co0l niCw to Meat u
      4. Mystic 0440
        Mystic 0440
        Feb 27, 2019
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        Hiya! welcome back ... I am Bedrock and not Java, but there is enough going on Mineplex to have in common. You look like your doing a great job settling back in ... nice! Cool job and career goals ... good luck with that!
    4. Vocaloiid
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      What a legend
      1. KrAff
        Feb 15, 2019
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        You're too kind really
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    Heyo! I'm KrAff but you can call me Nick. I'm 19 years old and I'm from Ohio. On Mineplex I'm mainly a Survival Games player but will play basically anything from time to time. Outside of Mineplex I'm a Police Dispatcher for a local town. Mostly my job consists of sending the Police, Fire department, and ambulance to anyone who needs them. I enjoy fishing and basically anything water related. I plan on going back to college to get a degree in Biology so that I may become a Wildlife officer down the line. If you have any questions feel free to ask!
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