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    1. LocalLogic
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      Can Someone tell me why the Cory guy is always afking in lobby-1.
      1. maevestarbaby
        Mar 12, 2021
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        No idea. He has around 1 year of hub time tho!
      2. LocalLogic
        Mar 13, 2021
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      3. Gil-galad
        Mar 14, 2021
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        there's a mineplex oscars award for most time afked in lobbies
    2. LocalLogic
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      Shoutout to the guy who said: Is drag clicking allowed on budget Hypixel? in the chat.
    3. LocalLogic
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      Lmao yesterday i replied to an introdutcion of a guy named uncuffs, today i was running trough
      the main lobby and i saw him just standing there we had a lovely conversation.
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