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    1. LordOfTeeth
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      Not my usual sort of reason for disliking new features, (EULA) but almost all of the recent Immortal perks were cool ideas suggested for all people. Sure, Mineplex needs to make money. But almost all of the cool new non-gamemode ideas are denied, then implemented for people who pay. I get that Immortal needs cool perks, but the community had been asking for Bulk chest openings as a QOL thing for a while now. My least favorite Immortal only feature is the spectator thingy, as I remember being able to do that as a non ranked player back in the days. I hope some new features are given to players who don't want to shell out 7 bucks a month.
    2. zlxr (Suspici0us)
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      Check my wall post I think you will find it amusing
    3. Starx280
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      What type of tooth r u

      Cause that’s a pretty thicc tooth
      1. LordOfTeeth
        Jun 6, 2020
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    4. yulufi / Sean
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      I love how you make a ton of threads on the EULA, still somehow managing to complain about the already 2-month ago release of immortal. No offense, but please stop. Your sarcasm in the thread you made about clans mount skins also doesn't help. "Mineplex adores mojang's EULA *cough**immortal rank* *cough*". Really? There have been around 13 threads based off the same issue / point, and you bringing it up again does not help in the slightest. So this profile post was to just make a request; please stop bringing up mineplex and its relationship with the EULA. Sorry if you found this offensive in anyway. On the contrary; I was just suggesting something that might help your reputation on the mineplex forums.

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      2. FluteVegetables
        May 14, 2020
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        Mineplex fanboy moment
      3. zlxr (Suspici0us)
        zlxr (Suspici0us)
        Jul 12, 2020
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      4. LordOfTeeth
        Jul 12, 2020
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        I find it interesting that pretty much exactly what I said would happen did. The added a feature they said would never get added for EULA reasons. Sure this could have been a miscommunication, but I think they wanted to see how the community would react to adding a feature that everyone thought violated the EULA. Staff have also been acting weird lately, and I just got a forum post deleted for bringing these things to light.
    5. Korben
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      Hi LordOfDentiests
    6. Yato - Inactive
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      an alligator tooth
    7. Yato - Inactive
      1. LordOfTeeth
        Aug 10, 2019
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