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    1. Lucidd
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      I know I haven't been on the forums recently since like forever, that was because my pc was broken and I just got a new one so yeah hi :3 I back to life
    2. Lucidd
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      Goodnight Mineplex
      1. Hxmza
        Mar 3, 2020
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        Good Morning to you too ;p
    3. Lucidd
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      Hey, how’s everyone’s day going?
    4. Lucidd
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      Looking forward to applying for Mineplex. I would love the experience on being staff on such a big server.
      1. WowCaleb
        Feb 29, 2020
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        Best of luck!
    5. Lucidd
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      Haven't played Minecraft in so long, have to get back in the mode lol
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    There's' nothing about me to know lmao
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