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    1. Knazamn
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      I just wanted to say hi uwu
      And we both in CMP me excited ouo
      bye bye now
      1. M3k_
        Aug 10, 2019
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        Hey! I didn't expect to see you here :D !
      2. Knazamn
        Aug 10, 2019
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        :D !
    2. Acerna
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      Wassap! I just want to say keep up your wonderful work and stay motivated. If you join CMP I hope you are willing to be social and get to know me/others; your goal and the way you conduct it amazes me. I'd love to meet you and talk hopefully c:

      sorry if that was confusing :c
      1. M3k_
        Aug 4, 2019
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        Thank you so much :D!!! Yes, I'm willing to get to know some people and making new friends with whom I can play. It wasn't confusing at all! :D
    3. M3k_
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      Yesterday I bought the Eternal rank. In the future I hope to get more involved with the community of this beautiful server. Thanks #Mineplex for giving me such a great time and thanks to the staff team for doing an amazing job. :)

    4. M3k_
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      I'm going to buy Eternal rank :)
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