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    1. BubbleBear1
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      Happy Birthday!!!
    2. MarirenaZ
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      1. Cheezeburgerfan
        Jun 28, 2022
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        That looks amazing! You are very talented.
    3. AfflictionMR
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      Lady rank pog
    4. AfflictionMR
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      Welcome to bedrock! :)
    5. MarirenaZ
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      I'm following random members atm, my previous account got lost i was java and now I'm bedrock but nice to meet you!
    6. MarirenaZ
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      Hello everyone! :')
      1. zapig
        Dec 25, 2020
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        Hey, thanks for the follow. Also, how'd you find me?
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    About me: ~I'm a Girl from Greece who is currently 21 years old~

    Profession: I'm a pen and paper artist and an amateur editor, I'm also studying to become a medic at the university of Athens in Greece.

    if you wish to take a look at my recent artwork please visit my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/AureliaSirenZ/

    Feel free to ask me anything! I'm always glad to answer your questions and provide help to new members that would like to know more about Mineplex and it's community! ^-^

    Ps: i used to be a Mineplex veteran in the Java version of the game, though unfortunately my Laptop stopped working and i couldn't play anymore for a couple of years, but i managed to purchase a Ps4 and now I'm more than glad to be back into the beautiful community of Mineplex!

    Psn tag: MarirenaZ

    Old Pc tag: Pinkmcgirl {don't judge i was around 15 years old}
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