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    1. mauhl
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      Can't play on the server today, but I will be on forums.
    2. mauhl
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      If anyone want to add me on Java Mineplex my ign is mauhl. We can do the HHC :D
    3. mauhl
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      It's a new day and I have online classes! Hope everyone has a great day!
    4. mauhl
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      I just joined forums, but I joined the server years ago.
      1. scarlet
        Oct 21, 2020
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    Not following anybody.
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    I'll make a list so it's easier to read.

    1: I am in high school
    2: I built my own gaming pc
    3: I can type at 95 or so words per minute
    4: I like the tv show Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    5: I like Star Wars
    6: I will friend anyone who wants to be my friend
    7: I play on 1.8.9 Forge
    8: I use Fullbright, OptiFine, and 1.7 Animations
    9: I joined PC minecraft in 2015
    10: I like AC/DC, Queen, and Led Zeppelin

    For anymore questions, just ask! Have a great day! :D
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