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      What does #ReviveCS mean?
      We, the Mineplex Castle Siege community, wish to get our favorite game mode, Castle Siege, back onto the live network. #ReviveCS was first referenced in Danese's Mineplex Thread titled:
      Bring Back Castle Siege [Evidence Regarding Its Justified Revival]
      It’s basically our slogan.

      How do you intend to do this?
      We presently have many things in the workings right now; but, to keep it short, our goal is to create enough positive “noise” throughout the Network to grab the attention of those within the Mineplex Hierarchy. This “noise” is nothing “toxic,” of course!

      There’s a CS Community?!

      Why yes, there is! Join the community here:
      Mineplex CS Discord

      How can I play Castle Siege with you guys?
      Within the Discord server, we have a dedicated staff team. One of their responsibilities is to create, manage, and moderate CS MPS’s.
      Select the role titled “Server Alerts,” located at the very top of the channel #choose-your-roles.
      While you’re there, consider choosing a team. You can be either an Undead or a Defender.
      Check out the #role-ranks channel to see what cool custom tags you can unlock by being active within various Discord discussions!

      Where else can I talk to you guys?

      You can run the command below to talk to us and to take part in rare- yet special- all kit CS games!
      /com join CSForever
      Through community unlocks, Community MPS’s (titled, in this case, COM-CSForever-1) have all kits unlocked for all players! [Including achievement kits]
      However, due to the way in which communities work, unless you join the CSForever community, you will not be whitelisted.

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