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    1. MysticMaster779
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    2. MysticMaster779
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      I couldn't resist x3 (to take lightly heh :P a little, a little x3)

    3. MysticMaster779
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      I should have kept my post of my thoughts about this server ':P

      To summarize it, it's the server that in term of what it offers, is compared to the ones in the default server list of Bedrock, at the bottom of the list, receiving a whopping 6th place out of 6.

      + good ideas
      + Discord working
      + staff there
      * playable ?...

      - difficulty to connect to the server 2/3 of the time
      - issues, small and big, still not fixed for years
      - mediocre gameplays, not polished, and/or broken
      - leaderboards that make no sense and don't represent real skill
      - servers lag spikes, crashes, "RakDisconnect", and constant "instance restarting"
      - ghost mute randomly happening (happens only in this server)
      - get worse and worse with time going by, today it's about skins and statues not loading properly 4/5 of the time
      - server still to 1.11, 1.12, or whatever, not up to date
      - lack of real implication to find and hire developers
      - still financing in Java, despite the fact it got annihilated by incompetence there and what happened in MC Java in general : hackers, toxicity, incredible bugs, lag spikes, staff concept fresh and here not competent enough to handle this properly

      In a nutshell : it's such a shame to see a great potential going to waste. It's clearly lacking good handling like a server should have. I go there here and now, to play some parkour in Housing, or play Turf... but it's because I've the habit of playing MC and know what to do exactly when a bad situation happen. But for the others, moreover new... really, Turf stuck in load time to come back to game lobby, Housing players can be stuck and there is no help to know what to do, a simple /hub tip would be enough, even /help at least, but nope. And I could continue the list on and on... Sigh.
    4. MysticMaster779
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      Actually in Mineplex : lazyness to improve things as usual. Funny thing is, with new update, players can't go in it anymore. People in team are now back on the wall : they are forced now to do something they always pushed in the future, updating the mc version of the server. Do they really care about it ? We'll see. If only they could manage it better, things would be so much better, and would save the potential it has.
    5. MysticMaster779
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      Doing his best, despite everything that can happen. Letting things moving forward...
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