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    1. n8wes
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      Quote from a call I was on today, "Why are people poor? Just be rich LUL"
      1. Richie
        Jun 9, 2019
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        Hmm, interesting.
    2. n8wes
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      Why does it say I'm new reeeee
      1. Acerna
        May 26, 2019
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        Under 50 posts c:
      2. n8wes
        May 26, 2019
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        Looks like I'm gonna have to continue working on that then...
    3. n8wes
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      I once feel down a chimney. Don't ask.
    4. n8wes
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      Sometimes I put a traffic cone on my head, look in the mirror, and pretend I'm a toothpick.
    5. n8wes
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      Wow new website format from probably a long time ago but I finally signed in... cool stuffs I guess
    Not following anybody.
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    Sometimes life is like a broken vacuum. Everyone will find out their own use for it.
    Titan | Streamer | Singer
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