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    1. Nikolakos10TV
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      Hey after 2 years haha! I've been playing Minecraft and I just want to say thanks for the inspiritaion to keep trying on English and Minecraft Development and Gaming <3
    2. neo ◈
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      Good luck on Trainee buddy:)
    3. Nikolakos10TV
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      Hi im new i love Mineplex and i apply for stuff i think im good for trainee ok bye
      1. TheDiamondKittyGaming
        Feb 12, 2019
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        On Trainee: How old are you and you might need to use more grammar to get trainee :-).
      2. Nikolakos10TV
        Feb 24, 2019
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        Ok thx
      3. KilledByVoid
        Apr 3, 2019
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        Maybe you should play a fewwwwww more games befor you apply for trainee. With 4 games played, you will probs have a 0% chance of being a good staff member. Better play more games, learn how everything works on the server and try again later.
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