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    1. Paladise
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      Hello there o_O
    2. NinjaMatt12
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      Hallo once again! Today, I'm a retired music disc seller in Mineplex and is currently making up plans for my future builds! Paitence is the key ;)
    3. NinjaMatt12
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      Hallo! My username in Mineplex is NinjaMatt1136! I am an owner of a music shop called "Music Services!" I'm always in Server 14! I Well then, see ya later! :D
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    Hallo! I'm a usual player in Mineplex Survival in Bedrock. I'm a businessman and I own one of the most popular banner shops called "Sky Seeker Banner Shop"! Some of the buyers are great clan leaders like AndresH Stuff! I have only few close friends but I associate with players in business! I'm setting up a advice shop for sure, maybe for free! I'm good at making poems and have a good day!
    Lush Caves Lover and Villager Carer! Loving the Caves and Cliffs Update!! Blooming Spores for all! :3
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