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    1. LostShrimp13
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      1. NKSV
        Apr 8, 2022
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    2. NKSV
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      no followers moment
    3. NKSV
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      let's be real here cake wars hackers by far are the worst
    4. NKSV
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      Are most Java servers staying on 1.8 because to avoid the combat update?
      1. Cheezeburgerfan
        Mar 15, 2022
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    5. NKSV
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      I’ve been inactive here for a while. If you did ask, I got the duke rank yesterday.
    6. NKSV
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      My thoughts on a survival server reset: Although it will mean losing all my progress, I support it because that would mean the griefed and claimed parts would finally be gone and that the world would not be as polluted. I also dont support it because again, I AM losing my progress
    7. NKSV
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      Which server would you play in if mineplex were down? Java/Bedrock
    8. NKSV
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      anyone remember when mineplex java was at its peak, 40000 members, now its not even 300 members now, rip mineplex java
    9. NKSV
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      How to get to the void in the survival? Find a glitched chunk that the void is visible at. Don’t jump, you will just be frozen. If you do have ender pearls, dig straight down until you reach bedrock. Then after you reached bedrock, throw some ender pearls towards y=0 Might take a while, but soon after you should be at the void. You won’t take damage since the waiting area in pvp games do not give you damage.
    10. NKSV
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      Discussing the claim issue in survival bedrock:
      Honestly if you can delete homes, this should not be a problem for claims. Mineplex should also add a setting that lets you see your claims and other people’s claims, as well as unclaimed land. Your clams= green. Their claims= red. Unclaimed land: unhighlighted. This defonetly should be something Mineplex should be able to fix and if they ever do plan on fixing it that would be well appreciated.
    11. NKSV
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      To all people who are wondering why they can’t join the bedrock server: Mineplex recently announced a change in their lobby theme: They chose to make it Halloween themed as you know Halloween is coming up. Once they are done the server will be up and running again.
      1. CatFan105
        Oct 4, 2021
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        Hope they're bringing back castle defense already
        And 8 hope the map still has a chest on it
      2. Elendil
        Oct 6, 2021
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        But it doesn't feel like a year since Castle Defense...
    12. NKSV
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      I know everyone wants beacons in the survival, but they are banned. I just want to know why the server banned them in the survival.
    13. NKSV
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      Mineplex PE Survival 1 has been down for 30 hours… I think they might be clearing that server idk but if anyone manages to get into survival 1 let me know
      1. CatFan105
        Sep 21, 2021
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        Yewh they go down sometimes
    14. NKSV
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      Why Mineplex Bedrock Edition does not update to 1.17?
      1. CatFan105
        Aug 10, 2021
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        its still on like 1.12 or something
        At least its not Java, Javas stuck waaay back at 1.8
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