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Noahs Away
    1. GoldSlayer
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      where did you go
    2. Noahs Away
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      2. SpectreSai
        Nov 4, 2021
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      3. Dr3foJ
        Nov 5, 2021
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        !!! Pogg
        Thank you for the carries
      4. Zersara
        Nov 5, 2021
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        Npp! Congrats!! :D
    3. Noahs Away
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      Everybody, I would like you to congratulate @Mothy for accumulating 10,000 wins in Micro Battles! That’s an absurd amount of wins, and I know for a fact I’ll never get that many. Congrats again Mothy!
      1. Mothy
        Oct 27, 2021
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        Thank you Noah :)
    4. Noahs Away
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      Yesterday, I got on the leaderboard for Bomb Lobbers! Thank you everybody who helped me! This is a huge accomplishment. While Bomb Lobbers isn’t a hard game to get top 100 on, I’m still very happy to achieve this.

      Main people who helped:

      @Dr3foJ, @Zersara, @Mothy, @CloudyDay1234, @jrthewall, @SpectreSai, @Summy, and @FairestLordHarry.

      People who were with me:

      ForevvrFury, Bibbyseal, BestIronAgate and WilierSaucer495.

      I’m sure there are people I forgot to mention here. But whether I mentioned you or not, everyone who helped me is greatly appreciated by me. The people that helped me know who they are. Thank you to everyone that helped me achieve this, I look forward to achieving more goals throughout my adventure! Thank you so much everybody! :D
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      2. CatFan105
        Oct 3, 2021
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        Its actually not hard to climb that keaderbaord, for bom blobbers pretty much everyone has stopped playing it already =/
      3. james610
        Oct 3, 2021
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        Noahs Pro
        congrats now get 1k : )
      4. Aleph
        Oct 9, 2021
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        yay a new one
    5. Mothy
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      that pfp is SUS
    6. Noahs Away
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      Noahs Away here! Several year Mineplex player. (With the exception of new forums account) A few things I have achieved along the way are:
      - Level 62
      -Ranks Duke and Lord (Currently using Duke)
      -65th on Snow Fight Leaderboard with 205 wins.
      Goals are:
      -Level 75 by end of year
      -Be on 3 leaderboards
      Mineplex has always been fun, and I’m looking forward to it’s future!
      1. CatFan105
        Aug 24, 2021
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    7. Jet Starglaze
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      Hey i see you ingame alot lol
    8. Kight
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      You know I think I’m chill with third lmao
    9. Zersara
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      2. Dr3foJ
        Apr 25, 2021
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        nu ;(
      3. Mothy
        Apr 26, 2021
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        You can both be winners! :D
      4. Dr3foJ
        Apr 26, 2021
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        okeeyy :(
    10. Dr3foJ
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      1. Zersara
        Apr 22, 2021
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  • User Minecraft Info
    About User
    Hello! I’m Noah! Your reading my About Me! I absolutely love to play Mineplex and it’s easily my favorite Bedrock server! It has a few rough edges here and there, but the games and community are great. I’m often busy, but I’m trying to get my licks in on Mineplex to stay active. Feel free to send me a friend request in game! Tell me what games you like to play in Mineplex!

    Favorite Games:
    gr8 gold game: (imo) Cake Wars! I love the strategy in it. It’s always a great experience getting to play a round of Cakewars! It’s a fantastic concept trying to eat other teams cakes and getting to play in a variety of maps! I met most of my friends in Cakewars that are mostly still on my fl! My friends should all know I’m not the best at Cakewars, (due to me being bad, and with the cherry on top being on mobile) I give this game a 9/10.

    señor silver: Skywars! When amped this is pretty much the best game for xp. I’m going to try getting on the leaderboard for it before the second half of 2022. Based on the math, it should take me in between 130-140 hours… (that’s almost 10% of my total time on Minecraft, over like 4 years) My Win/loss ratio is about 70 percent which is pretty good. (In case you don’t play Skywars most players aren’t very competitive and you don’t need to be a pvp legend to win)

    big boy bronze: Bomb Lobbers! Bomb Lobbers is fun and it’s a pretty decent way for xp! I like how it’s a quick and it’s team v team. I think it would be better for xp if it was amped more often. I always love getting to play with others in it, teams go up to 8 so it can pack a bunch of friends in a team! (thank you to aleph null7967, Dr3foJ, DEYEXEM9013, FairestPE, Forevvrfury, Jamies3864, jrthewall, Mothy was here, Pitiedcarton140, Spectresai3857, WilierSaucer495, and Zersara for the massive help in bomb lobbers) I give Bomb lobbers an 7.75/10.

    Snow fight leaderboard - 65th place with 205 wins
    Bomb lobbers leaderboard - 53rd place with 1,088 wins (Currently I’m playing bomb lobbers frequently so this will often be outdated.)
    Orange levels - Level 66 (at the time I’m writing/updating this)

    Once again, I’m trying to consistently play as I love Mineplex and it’s community! Have a great day/night!
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