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    1. Not_Gamer
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      Hey Everyone! Let me give you guys some background about myself. I'm an enthusiastic person who's pushed by his parents to keep his A+s. I always try and see the good side of things which is why you'll rarely see me sad. I'm striving to help other players be kind to others and to be great members of the community. I'm aiming to be a Mod in a few subteams so wish me luck! My favorite game is Super Smash Mobs and I am a squid main. I've played this server for around 4 years. If you'd like, you may add me on Mineplex with the username Not_Gamer. Have any questions? Start a conversation or shoot me a pm on Mineplex and I'll be right with you! I wish you all the best!
      1. AyyNick
        Oct 23, 2019
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        It was great to learn a bit about you! I wish you good luck with your dreams, I know you’ve got it in you just because you have an amazing positive attitude, so keep striving and working hard! If you ever have some questions or want to play some games and I’m not busy, send me a PM :)
      2. Not_Gamer
        Oct 24, 2019
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        Aww thanks Nick! Good Luck on mod! <3!
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    I've been playing Mineplex for countless years now and I've decided to get myself known within the MIneplex community. I enjoy strategy games like SSM and are open to any new friends! Aren't happy? I'm sure I'll end up tripping over myself in a way that will cheer you up! Have any questions about me? Feel free to shoot me a pm or start a conversation! I'll respond as quick as I can.
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