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    1. pettyvibes
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      I'm still alive LMAO just living life at the moment. I wish it was 2016 again :|
    2. pettyvibes
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      Getting onto the forums, I had to relearn how BBcode works. After learning the basics it all came back to me LMAO
    3. pettyvibes
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      I almost forgot how exciting it was to play games on the server. MAN I was really missing out for a bit.
    4. pettyvibes
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      Heyo! This is pettyvibes. I've been on this server for a total of 5 years! The last Mineplex forums is gone, so I decided to come back and be active once again. Can't wait to see everyone on the server. Game on!
    Not following anybody.
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    Hi! I'm Petty, a Mineplex player for the past 6 years!
    Older players may know me as trendu, but since then I've changed. I've come back to hopefully become more active on the newer forums and to help newer players out around the server. I was very active on the old website but declined due to school. Have a great day and message me if you have any questions!

    I'm probably eating something.

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